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Cremation Requirements

What we need to perform the actual cremation at our crematory are the following Items:

1.    Cremation Permit

2.    Death Certificate Completed

3.    Medical Examiner or Justice of the Peace Letter

4.    Family Cremation Authorization Forms Completed

The process begins with the family completing the on-line registration form, which allows us to complete the vital statistics portion of the death certificate.

Arrangements will then need to be made to meet with one of our funeral directors to complete the family cremation authorization forms.

Our crematory direct package price is $ 850.00

Additional certified death certificates are $4.00 each when ordered with the original one.

The death certificate will be submitted to the physician to complete their portion. If it is a Medical Examiner’s case, they will submit it to us to complete the vital statistics portion of the death certificate.

Once the physician or M.E.’s portion of the death certificate is completed we can request an ME/JP cremation letter authorizing the decedent for cremation.

With the cremation authorization letter and completed death certificate we are able to obtain a cremation permit from the registrar’s office from the city where the death occurred.

If you have any questions about the process we are here to help and answer your concerns.