415 S.Henderson Street
Fort Worth, TX 76104
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Brown Family Crematory

415 S. Henderson St.
Fort Worth, TX 76104
FAX: 817-335-4313

PLAN CD                   (No Service or Visitation)

Crematory Direct Cremation consists of:

  • Limited professional services of funeral director and staff.
  • Removal and transport of deceased up to a 30 mile radius from our crematory facility by our personal staff (Additional mileage fee of $2.00 per loaded mile if over 30 miles).
  • Professional care and refrigeration at our crematory facility with our three point identification process.
  • Filing the death certificate with the State of Texas and obtaining one certified copy. (Additional certified copies will be $4.00 each).
  • The required Cremation Authorization Letter from the Medical Examiner or Justice of the Peace along with the Cremation Permit from the local registrar’s office.
  • The Minimum Corrugated Cardboard Box required for the cremation process.
  • Crematory Retort Fee (Our crematory is located on site).
  • Plastic Temporary Container placed within a cardboard box.

Total Package Price $ 850.00

If you’re looking for more than a crematory direct cremation, such as a complete cremation with a memorial service, a visitation or funeral service with cremation, please visit our funeral home website at www.brownowensbrumley.com/cremation-packages/